Your Case

Seriously injured people or those in need of an experienced trial attorney must be certain of at least two factors in the selection of a law firm. First, that the lawyer they hire will actually work on their case and they will not be handed off to a junior associate or a paralegal. Secondly, the attorney they hire is actually a trial attorney who tries cases which equates to top monetary value or a settlement providing the most favorable terms for you.

Too many lawyers advertise themselves as “personal injury attorneys” who, in reality, just want to settle your case for as much as the insurance company will pay before a lawsuit is filed. With insurance companies so tight fisted nowadays, it is virtually impossible to get a fair settlement value on a case unless suit is filed and your attorney must assertively and thoroughly prepare for a trial.

If you hire Lees Law Office, Paul Lees will be your attorney and he will prepare your case from the time he meets you until the case is resolved. This level of preparation is not lost on insurers who raise the offers to offset the risk of going to trial. A lawyer who actually tries cases will achieve a better result.  Lastly, Paul freely provides his cell number to his clients as a reflection of his commitment to his clients and the issues they face.

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