Excellent Communication, Professional, Compassionate

Paul was recommended to us for my fiancés motorcycle accident claim due to the extent of his injuries. As this was our first legal matter, we had no clue where to turn. After meeting with Paul, we felt confident and comfortable enough to have him take on this case. Paul handled the claim professionally with a great deal of compassion. He was always available and effortlessly in communication with us throughout each step. He checked in frequently on my fiancé’s recovery status and worked with our schedules tremendously to set up phone calls, Zoom meetings, and stopping in for document signatures. The case was resolved rather quickly, with a positive result.

Having to go through a traumatic accident during a pandemic was not easy, never mind the legal matter it accrued – however Paul made it seem so simple. We would not hesitate to hire him again for any legal issue.

January 26,2021

Paul Lees Fantastic!

Attorney Lees handled a contentious Estate case for me and I cannot express what a fantastic attorney and person he is. He is thorough, professional, and detailed. It was a case that I did not believe we would prevail however Paul won the battle for us. I cannot thank him enough.

Richard, January 12, 2021

Thank you, Attorney Lees!

I worked with Attorney Lees to obtain a fair split of the equity in a home that I co-owned for 14 years. He successfully navigated many unexpected circumstances with professionalism and care. Although we wound up having to file a lawsuit, which could have prolonged obtaining a settlement for years, Attorney Lees was able to resolve the case within months instead. I recommend Attorney Lees for his professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness, persistence, and humor – which was needed often in this case.

Sara, January 5, 2021

A lawyer that will fight for you.

I was struck near a crosswalk by a police cruiser responding to an emergency in November of 2014. It was nighttime and there was light rain. My head was split wide open and required twelve staples to close. I met with several attorneys and no one would take the case. Then I met with Paul Lees one week before the two year anniversary and he agreed to investigate and file suit if necessary. He filed suit and the case got stronger and stronger. We settled at mediation and I am very satisfied with his representation. I highly recommend Paul.

Todd, January 20, 2020

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